Our History

Ellen Orkin and Pamela Friedman met back in 1993 when their daughters were in preschool together. They discovered quickly that they had a common passion for everything food related. Ellen and Pamela began cooking together on a social basis for dinner parties, cocktail parties, barbecues, and all family celebrations. Friends frequently insisted that their food was so delicious they should start a business, and with this encouragement, their journey as caterers began and Word of Mouth Foods was born.

Pamela’s background is in law and Ellen’s is in food and restaurant management. The two have been in business together since 2002 and they are still creating and delivering new and innovative dishes for their ever-expanding client base.


Be it a corporate event, a small dinner party, or a 200 person wedding, it is their goal to make their clients a guest at their own event and to leave them with truly remarkable memories.

Our Mission

Our mission is to always deliver the highest quality food, service, and attention to detail when it comes to our clients’ needs and wants.

At Word of Mouth Foods, we respect the uniqueness of each customer’s tastes and values, and we strive to exceed their expectations. We have a true passion for food and our efforts show in the presentation of the food we cater, and its fabulous taste.

Regardless of the type of party planning you need done, don’t let the thought of entertaining be a chore. We can do as much or as little for your event as you would like—from making one dish to managing the entire event—and we can make it an effortless and memorable experience for both you and your guests.

We will take all the stress out of entertaining and leave you with enjoyable memories of your event. Our catering services are done with love and caring as essential ingredients.

Call Word of Mouth Foods today to learn more about our catering services.