When you host a party, there are numerous details that you have to think about and plan for. One of the most important aspects of any gathering is the food that is served. Whether you’re hosting a 30 person cocktail party or a 150 person wedding, your guests will likely expect some form of refreshments or even an entire meal. To ensure that your guests are taken care of and that they get the food and fulfillment that they’re looking for, hiring a caterer for your event could save you from having to worry about coming up with the menu and providing the food yourself. This leaves more room for you to think about and plan all of the other aspects of your event. If you’d like to know more about how to pick the perfect caterer for your party in New Jersey, keep reading!

What You Need To Know About Choosing A Caterer

Your Caterer Should Be Responsive

When you begin your search for a caterer and you begin to reach out to different people to learn about the catering services that they offer, pay attention to how quickly you get a response from the caterers you’ve emailed. Planning an event can be stressful enough without worrying about whether or not your caterer will respond in a timely manner to your questions and needs. How quickly a caterer responds to your first few inquiries can give you a good idea as to how good of a communicator they will be when it comes to planning your event.

Your Caterer Should Take A Personal Interest In Your Event

While a caterer’s main job is to be concerned with the food for your event, they should also be concerned with the type of event you’re hosting and the theme you’re planning to incorporate into your event. Your caterer should want to know the details of your event so they can help you plan a menu that will work well with your event. If your caterer isn’t asking you questions about more than just the food, they may not be able to help you pull together a cohesive event.

Your Caterer Should Have Experience With The Type Of Event You’re Hosting

Different caterers will have experience with different types of events. Some caterers will be better equipped to handle a 500-person corporate event than others. You may be speaking with a caterer who says they’re willing to do a larger event than they’ve done before, but be wary if they don’t give you specific details about how they plan to execute your event. Typically, it is best to work with a caterer who feels comfortable with the type of event you’re hosting and its size.

Your Caterer Should Have Some Flexibility With Their Menus

Most caterers will have sample menus that you can choose from depending on the type of event you’re hosting. While most caterers have set menus that they offer because they list foods that they are comfortable cooking and they know they can provide the best quality for those specific foods, your caterer should be willing to make some accommodations for you and your specific needs and wants. If your caterer isn’t willing to speak with you about special requests, you may want to consider working with someone who will let you have a little more say in your overall menu for your event. But you should also keep in mind that if you’re wanting to host a barbecue-themed event, you probably shouldn’t be reaching out to caterers who specialize in Mediterranean cuisine.

If you have questions about party catering in New Jersey, Word of Mouth Foods offers a variety of different menu options for our clients depending on the type of event being hosted. We can also accommodate clients in New York and Connecticut. You can view our sample menus to get a feel for the different types of cuisine we offer, and when you begin your search for a caterer who will work with you to plan the perfect menu for your event, call Word of Mouth Foods. Let us wow you with our attention to detail and the extra ingredients of care and love that we put into all of our catering services.